How to stay safe

The following safety tips for parents are brought to you by Child Search & Rescue

1. Teach your children how to say “no” to any people or situations that do not feel comfortable them.

2. Never allow your children to go anywhere alone. Always accompany them, have them accompanied by someone that you trust to watch them or at least have a sibling or friend accompany them. It is better to be safe than sorry.

3. Teach your children to get into the habit of asking permission before going anywhere. If parents are not available than other guardians or whoever is in charge of watching them should be asked before leaving the house.

4. Protect your children from predators by teaching them to never take gifts or any kind of treats from strangers without your permission or the permission of another guardian or trusted adult.

5. Never allow your children to go to public restrooms alone.

6. Do not allow your children to play outside alone, especially near pools or deserted areas. It is a good idea to call them in after the sun goes down.

7. Do not display your child’s name or personal information upon his or her clothing or person. This will reduce the chances of any would-be predators being able to use this information to their benefit.

8. Teach your children to never take rides from strangers, even if they call them by their names. This is where the valuable word “no” comes in. If all else fails teach them to make noise or otherwise draw attention to themselves. This is the last thing any would-be predator wants.

9. If children get lost in public places like the mall, teach them to look for law enforcement officers, mall security or employees displaying name tags for help and not to trust anybody else.

10. Do not allow your children to surf the internet without your permission and closely monitor them at all times if they do. Keep tabs on the websites that they are visiting and make sure you can physically see them at all times. One of the best ways of doing this is by keeping the computer that they use in a room that is visible to you and others, like the living room for example. Unfortunately with the advent of technology predators are finding new ways to victimize the innocent.

These are a few examples of ways to protect your children, brought to you by Child Search & Rescue. Help us by helping them to stay safe in the first place.